Let’s learn and have fun!

Hi, I’m Ellie, this page is intended to let you practice English in a funnier way, at home. I really encourage you to tavel along the activities and leave your comments there. This page is also to be used to solve the doubts you may come across… feel free to ask anything; don’t get too personal, though Fer l'ullet).

I leave a photo of New York, the city that never sleeps, like I do Descarat.

new york city

I don’t feel like leaving my photo here… maybe someday.. from the Globe theatre.. who knows… Sorprès

2 thoughts on “Let’s learn and have fun!

  1. the oldbackpacker

    Hello Ellie,

    Somebody told me you went to the Globe theater. It’s your turn to keep the promise you made on your front page, get a photo of you in the Globe and put it in here!!!

    The old backpacker

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