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Spooky Halloween Stories

Listen to the story and watch the video; then answer the following questions.

1. The first story bears a resemblance with Batman… in what sense?
2. What’s the problem in the first story?
3. There’s a mistake in the English word for “lladre”, can you find it?
4. What is the second story about?
5. Do you know the song in the third story?
6. Do you find the stories scary?

Billy and the Witch.

Listen to the story and answer the following questions:

1. Why are children scared of witches?
2. Who is thought to be the witch?
3. Why does he have to stay with a babysitter? What’s the sitter’s name?
4. Does Billy’s mum believe in witches?
5. Did the house look OK? Why?
6. The witch wants him to help her with …., which means …
7. Does the cat want to have a bath?
8. What’s the meaning of evilly?
9. What’s the meaning of starving?
10. What’s the end of the story?

This Is Halloween

Watch the movie trailer and answer the following questions:

1. Whom is this song addressed to?
2. The neighbors are gonna die of ….
3. Where is the first man hiding?
4. Where is the second man hiding?
5. What does werewolf ask us?
6. The witches tell us to roll the …..
7. Where does everybody screem? in our …….
8. What is everybody waiting for?

web 2.0

Material curs web 2.0 conca.

Web 2.0 i altres aplicacions didàctiques en llengua anglesa



  • Què és la Web2.0? i què són les eines Web2.0?
  • Iniciació als recursos Web 2.0
  • Eines Web 2.0: Imatge, vídeo, so, blocs, presentacions digitals
  • Propostes didàctiques de les diferents eines
  • Elaboració de recursos per l’aula d’anglès

   28/2/2009 – 26/5/2009 (30 hores) de 17:30h a 20:00h   

CRP de la Conca de Barberà    Carretera d’Artesa, 4 (Montblanc) 


Sessió 1 28/2/09  9:30h a 11:30h   2h Introducció web 2.0

(Mar Camacho)

Sessió 2 28/2/09 11:30h a 14:00h   4’5h Introducció web 2.0

(Mar Camacho)

Sessió 3 Dilluns, 09/3/09 18:00h a 20:00h   6’5h Blog Web2.0&English, (idea) wiki presentation, xtec blogs
Sessió 4 Dimarts, 17/3/09 17:30h a 20:00h 9h Delicious (tags)

Bubbleshare, slideshare,flickr

Sessió 5 Dilluns, 23/3/09 17:30h  a 20:00h   11’5h Web2.0 (Mar Camacho,Montblanc)

animoto?, youtube, teachertube, rockyou?

Sessió 6 Dimarts, 31/3/09 17:30h a 20:00h   14’5h Netvibes, facebook, igoogle?
Sessió 7 14/4/09 17:30h a 20:00h   17h

School is closed!!

Personal work
Sessió 8 20/4/09 17:30h a 20:00h   19’5h Voki, Podcasting?, esnips
Sessió 9 28/4/09 17:30h a 20:00h   22h ??what do you want or need??
Sessió 10 ?/5/09 17:30h a 20:30h   25h Treball grup
Sessió 11 ??/5/09 17:30h a 20:00h   27’5h Treball grup
Sessió 12 ??/5/09 17:30h a 20:00h   30h Presentació

This blog is for English teachers who want to know what the Web2.0 is and discover some of the tools available in this new web.

The objectives of the course are to:

    * discover the Web2.0 and  its tools

    * present some of the Web2.0 tools (blog, photo, podcast, video, presentation,…)

    * explore the use of theWeb2.0 tools for English classes

    * create activities using the Web2.0 tools


The idea is that all the theachers involved keep on giving form to the blog, using in this way and interacting they make a learning functional of the web2.0 and its tools. After, in groups, they will create activities using the Web2.0 tools for English classes.

 La idea és que tots els participants al curs vagin donant forma al bloc, d’aquesta manera utilitzant i interactuant aquest coneguin i a la vegada facin un aprenentatge funcional del web 2.0 i de les seves eines. Un cop conegut el bloc i les eines, en grups es buscaran activitats per utilizar les eines del web2.0 a la classe d’anglès.


  • Curs telemàtic; D205: Aula 2.0, Xavier Suñé Suñé i Artur Tallada Cervera, Departament d’Educació
  • Foldoc – computing dictionary

Sessió 3

Ø      Mar Camacho’s session , presentation Web2.0 and some tools

Ø      Present the blog and my idea of the course

1.  is not finish and there are mistakes

2.  everybody could participate, I invite you to PARTICIPATE

3.  final product of the course is the blog web2.0, the final idea is to create activities

4.  Read: Objectives

5.  Read: Evaluation

6.  Sessions: sessions 7 to 12 (donar la meva proposta)

7.  Session 5: Mar Camacho (decide if we go or we do individual work)

8.  This blog has got two parts:

§         Left is choronological

§         Right is fix , you can add what you want

§         Pages, each page is a tool that we’ll see and we’ll use it

§         Comments, everybody could participate (if you want)

Ø      Do you agree with the idea? Do you want something different?

Possibilitats d’internet en l’aula: internet  a través del mòbil/usb, plower plug

Plan B x kuan no funciona internet (sempre a punt)

Activity 1: Presentation of the Wiki

Wiki  (

What’s a wiki?

Have a look

Presentation, where do you work? Do you use internet? ICT? Have you got a blog or a wiki?  Blogger or xtecblocs? Which? Are you the administrator?

Tip (for children): Write your presentation first in Word or OpenOffice Writer and then copy and paste it in the wiki.

Invite a person, you’ve get a mail, and you have to confirm

Click the link

And write an username and choose a password and click on join

And click on accept

Activity 2: Login Xtec blocs

Log in in XTEC blocs (I need to give you access) , different rols

Activity 3: participate, please!

Write a comment on the Web2.0 blog

Write a post, or add a link of your blog

Activity 2: Login Xtec blocs

1. Donar-se d’alta a la xtec per poder ser usuari del bloc concaenglish (the same with children)

2. Write your  personal ID and password from XTEC

And pres “Entra”

In red, your Id

In green, your blogs (if you have one)


Sessió 4


Ø      Instead of using Google Images

Ø      You don’t need to sign up to use the photos but you can say that the photos are taken from Flickr

Ø      Click on, right button, saves as


Ø      You can sign up or use

Ø      You can find images

Ø      You can create albums and slides

Ø      How to create an album?

o       album name, choose for photos, privacy, next

o       edit photos, sequence photos, write tags, blog album

o       copy and paste the embed (HTML code)


Ø      You can sign up or use

Ø      You can find interesting presentations or upload your presentation

Ø      You have 3 tutorials in our blog (how to sign up, how to upload and options)

Ø      Upload: different formats

v      You can find or create a slidecasts

v      You need a slideshare, go to edit, create a slidecast

§         You need a mp3  from: A hosting service :  you have a tutorial to use Internet archive

§         Copy the url

v      You can edit the audio : you have a tutorial (look at the Concaenglish blog)

Activity 0: tagging (from aula2.0)

Activity 1: Create a Bubbleshare’s album and think an English activity for it (use images from Flickr)

Activity 2: Find a presentation and insert it in the blog

Activity 3: Do a slidecast and think an English activity for it

Sessió 5


Ø      You can find videos

Ø      You can upload your own videos


Ø      You can find educational videos

Ø      You can upload your own videos

Ø      You only have to sign up if you want to upload videos


Ø      videos–music videos for your images and pictures

Ø      you need to sign up (use concaenglish)

Ø      30-second video (you upload the images and choose the music)

Ø      You only have to change the embed and use : <iframe src=” ” height=”250″ width=”432″></iframe

Ø      An example

Rock you:

Ø      Slide presentation with music

Ø      You need to download “bandongo” (free file hosting and image hosting)

Ø      User name: concaenglish ; password: marcamacho

Ø      An example

Activity 1: Last day posts, comments

Activity 2: In groups- pairs, choose a tool and complete the table (p10)

Activity 2: Find an interesting video and put it in our blog

Activity 3: create an animoto video and think an English activity for it

Activity 4: in pairs, do a slide presentation with rock you and think an English activity for it

Tool’s name

Server? Marca?
Possible ús didàctic, explotació didàctica
Age range


Link  Blogger
Server? Marca? Blogger, WordPress, ….
Possible ús didàctic -enhancement activities

-sending some work (audiofiles)

-writing exercises combined with guessing

-gap filling exercise after doing some listening

-they can create their own blog that is used as a portfolio

-activities to promote autonomy of learning

Skills Reading, Writing

Competència comunicativa

Age range CI, CM, CS, secondary


Link Shockwave, the largest casual game destination on the web, is providing users with Voki avatars for community development. Shockwave users can express
Server? Marca?
Possible ús didàctic
Skills Listening, Speaking

Competència comunicativa

Age range CI, CM, CS

Tool’s name

Server? Marca? Wikispaces, PBwiki, dokuwiki
Possible ús didàctic, explotació didàctica
Age range

Voki page,

Register: mail, password, birthay’s day

Confirmation: Please check your e-mail for the confirmation message and click on the activation link to complete registration.

View of Gmail account of


-What’s Netvibes? (wikipedia)

– Tutorial : Ginger (tour about how netvibes works): private page/public page

-Principal view of Netvibes

-Registrarse / sign in

-Un cop rebut mail de confirmació


-Public page

To go to the private page

-iniciar sesión

-Write your mail:

password: concaenglish0809

–         Clicar Add content  (top left):

1. Browse categories

2. Essential widgets

Fet: gmail

3. Add a feed (añadir una suscripción)



Tipo de sitio Servicios de red social

Registro requerido


Creado por Mark Zuckerberg

Lanzamiento Febrero de 2004

Ingresos 150 millones de dolares

Estado actual activo



En el cas que desitgem realitzar un enregistrament des d’un servei web, en tenim molts i diversos a l’abast. En aquest cas un dels més bons és l’ El seu funcionament també es troba descrit a la pràctica 3 de Podcast que es va realitzar a la Jornada Tècnica d’Audiovisuals el curs 06/07.

Deixar els arxius de so a disposició dels usuaris

Aquí les alternatives també són diverses. Per una banda, hi ha diversos serveis web que ofereixen la possibilitat d’enregistrar i posar a disposició dels usuaris els diversos arxius de so que anem produint. Alguns d’ells són Clickcaster, Podomatic o Razz. Tots aquests serveis els podeu trobar descrits als materials de la Jornada Tècnica d’Audiovisuals. Pràctica 3 i Pràctica 4.

Nosaltres ens fixarem més en Esnips (

Mar Camacho: ? Podcasting C:\Documents and Settings\Usuari\Escritorio\td205\modul_2\practica_4.html

Let’s talk about adolescence

In this activity we’ll listen and watch the videos of a song in English, Welcome to My Life by Simple Plan and a version a Catalan group, Lax’n Busto wrote of it, Viu la Vida amb Mi.

We’ve already checked on the translation of the original lyrics and what we’re going to do now is talk about the differences of meaning between the two songs (English and Catalan).

Simple Plan: Welcome to my Life

Lax’n Busto: Viu la Vida amb Mi

How do the two songs deal with the topic of adolescence?
Do you ever feel like the man in the song?

Now, let’s watch another video dealing with adolescence and another main trait of this stage, that of judging people because of their look, of letting others influence the way you act.

Avril Lavigne’s Sk8er Boy

There’s even another song by Queen that can be analyzed under the light of adolescence, I Want It All. Let’s take a look at the video and the lyrics and anilize in what sense the feelings described in the song can be shared by teenagers.

Let’s practise the use of MODALS.

Here we have some links to pages where we van have extra information and exercises on the use of modals.

ego4u‘s page

usingenglish‘s page

BBC‘s page

more BBC