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Avui, juntament amb els alumnes dels altres cursos de primària, hem anat al Magatzem del Blat a veure una obra de teatre en anglès titulada “Freaky” representada per la companyia de teatre anglès “BLUE MANGO”.
Acompanyats de l’Eevie, la Spud i en Fred, que se’n van a un “holiday camp”, ens ho hem passat molt bé i hem rigut molt.
Hem cantat les cançons i l’Eudald i la Luana de sisè han sortit voluntaris per participar en un joc i vestir-se de “swimmer” i “footballer”.
Aquí podeu veure’n la SYNOPSIS:
It’s time for holiday camp and all the kids are excited about the possibilities of camping and adventure. However, one child, FRED, seems a little different from the rest; he’s not so happy joining in with the fun. He always wears black, he’s got a pet spider and he looks… different. Everyone thinks he’s a bit weird and freaky. At the Holiday camp FRED meets SPUD and EEVIE: she doesn’t like FRED and she starts to bully him. At the end of the camp there is a dance competition, EEVIE is desesperate to win but it turns out, although FRED is different and weird he’s a very good dancer. Finally FRED wins the competition and EEVIE says sorry to Fred.