K’Naan: Waving Flag

In year six we are learning from the story of Kimani Maruge, the oldest student in the world. He was from Kenya. His lesson is: You are never too old to learn.
Waving Flag is an optimistic song. K’Naan gives support to the dreams of African people. There are many versions of this song. This is the original one. Sing along and always fight for your dreams.

Imatge de previsualització de YouTube

Turkey Trouble

This song tells the story of a very particular turkey. You all know that many people eat turkey for Christmas, but this turkey was never a Christmas dinner. He was never roasted. He was famous for helping Santa along with Rudolph too.

How was it possible? Because his name was TROUBLE and of course he was causing trouble!

Meaning of trouble: a problem, worry, difficulty, etc. or a situation causing this

Sing along and enjoy the story!

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How was your weekend? Using English and … Catalenglish!

All along the year, grade 6 students have been talking in class about their weekends, generally on Mondays.
Talking about their own weekends is a way to really communicate and interact among classmates. Children are not shy any more and they like talking in class.
This little video is just a sample of it. It has not been prepared. The students use English and Catalan if they need to. I think that Carla, Ingrid, Aina, Mario and Tadeo deserve a big round of applause. I think that my year 6 classes deserve a WELL DONE for their effort!

Imatge de previsualització de YouTube