All languages are welcome! Totes les llengües són benvingudes!

The posts on this blog will be in English but parents, students and visitors can write comments in other languages. Don’t worry about it. We can always use Google translator if we don’t understand!

Students, feel  free to use Catalenglish. This is what we usually do in class. In case anybody does not know, Catalenglish is a combination of English and Catalan that helps to communicate. Spanglish can be very useful too.

Les entrades d’aquest bloc seran en anglès, però els pares, alumnes I visitants poden escriure comentaris en altres llengües. No us amoïneu. Sempre podem fer servir el Google translator si no ho entenem!

Alumnes, feu servir Catalenglish tranquil·lament, tal com fem a clase ben sovint. Per si algú no ho sap, el Catalenglish és una combinació de català i anglès que ens ajuda a comunicar-nos. També acceptem Spanglish. 


When I Was…

Year 5 students are starting to speak about the past. They have learned this little poem. They say it very well because they love it. We hope you like the poem too!

When I was one

Toys were fun

When I was two

I visited the zoo

When I was three

I loved the sea

When I was four

I cleaned the floor

When I was five

I learned to dive

When I was six

I learned some tricks

When I was seven

I wanted to be eleven

When I was eight

School was great

When I was nine

I was always on time

Now I’m ten

I’ll start again!