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Practice with Cool Kids

Dear pupils! Here you have the website where you can practice all you do at the classroom. Let’s go and enjoyyyyy!  

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Practice your English

Good morning!!! Here you have an interesting webpage where you can practice your english by means of differents interesting activities! Be brave and try it!!!!

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Listenings to practice “Competències Bàsiques”

Listenings’ webpage  

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Reading of London

Dear Pupils, Here you are the listening with the correct pronounciation of the text about London. Practice it a lot and enjoy it!! London’s Listening

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Explorer Elementary School

Hello everybody,   During the first term, we have been doing and exchange with a school form the United States, concretely with the Explorer Elementary School from Colorado Springs. Here you can visit their website to knom more about them: … Continua llegint

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Christmas’ Concert !!! Jingle Bell Rock and Santa Claus is coming to town

I’m really proud of you!!! Very good and Congratulations!!!   [youtube][/youtube] [youtube][/youtube]

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Jingle Bell Rock


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How to carve a Halloween Pumpkin

Dear pupils, Here you are a video about how to carve a pumplin! I hope you put it into practice!!! Let0s go! [youtube][/youtube]

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Call me maybe?

Do you want to practice at home the song worked today at class? Here you are pupils!   [youtube][/youtube]

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Listening Activity

Hello Pupils,   Here you are the link to do the activity of the simpson! Let’s go!! [youtube][/youtube]

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