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Practice with Cool Kids

Dear pupils! Here you have the website where you can practice all you do at the classroom. Let’s go and enjoyyyyy!  

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Practice the time!!!

Here you can practice how to tell the time in English! Let’s go! Practice it!

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Michelle, my belle!

Practice it!!! [youtube][/youtube]

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Santa Klaus is coming to town


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Spelling Competition

After some days practicing the spell of words, here you are the winners of the Contest!!! Congratulations!!! I’m very happy!!! [youtube][/youtube]

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And the winners are….

The Winners of the Dictionary’s Race from  4th A . Congratulations!!  

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How to carve a Halloween Pumpkin

Dear pupils, Here you are a video about how to carve a pumplin! I hope you put it into practice!!! Let0s go! [youtube][/youtube]

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The ABC song

Remenber!!!! Tomorrow we are going to do the Spelling Competition so…. study a lot!!! [youtube][/youtube]

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The Numbers Song

Dear pupils, with this song you can practice numbers in a fun way! let’s go!!! [youtube][/youtube]

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Prepositions song

Hi pupils, Do you remember this song from last year? Here you are the link to practice and enjoy it! [youtube][/youtube]

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