Golden Girls – Twas the Night Before Christmas (1/3)

This is the first part of the episode. Watch the video and do the listening activity below. When you finish check your answers.

Thank you very much for being such wonderful students. Thank you for all the good moments we’ve spent together.


See you next year 🙂


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11 thoughts on “Golden Girls – Twas the Night Before Christmas (1/3)

  1. Mariona

    Hi Anna!!!
    How are you? Thank you (and teacher’s staff too) very much for this Christmas party you gave us!, It has been great!! I loved it!!
    Chocolate cookies were delicious, were them hand-maded? They were yummy! Congratulations to the cook! ^^
    I really enjoyed the karaoke, singing all together has been funny!! I laughted a lot!
    I hope next year will be a Christmas party so fantastic like this one! ^^
    Have a merry merry Christmas and a happy new year!!
    I hope that 2010 give you a lot of happiness and fun!
    See you!! ^^


  2. Fina

    Hi Anna, Hi Mates;

    Thanks Anna for these enjoyable and useful videos!

    I wish you happy Christmas and happy New Year =)!

    X X X


  3. Maria T.

    Hi Anna!

    I have never seen before Golden Girls and I’ve found it really fun! In some cases, when they speak too fast or when they are angry, it is difficult for me to understand what they are saying. However, I can understand the things that are happening and this makes me happy. 🙂

    Happy Christmas!

    Maria Tarrés.

  4. Begoña

    Hi, Anna and students!

    I think it’s a funny video.

    I would like to wish you a very happy new year 2010!!

    See you the next week.

  5. PABLO

    Hi everybody and happy new year too,

    These videos are good for thinking who is the real family. If people that you see twice or three times each year or perhaps people is always sharing your life every day.

    Nowadays, many people run away when these days come because they don’t want to spend Christmas with your family. According to Christmas spirit we must be with our family during these days but, Which is the role of the family today?


  6. Núria J


    Although I did the test correct, I thing it’s a shame because I didn’t understand all the dialogue. I could listening people laughing a lot and I wanted to laugh too 🙁

    I saw this series in Spain and I found it really funny!! Each character is special and every woman has good humour.

    See you soon

  7. Veronica

    Hi again!
    Anna thank for create your blog and update it so often. You know that most of us haven´t enough time for visiting it every day, but it´s a very, very useful tool to our improvement. Thank again!!
    I´ve just saw the video and I´m still laughing with the Golden Girls. I remember when I watched they on the TV, and I liked this series very much. I did the listening test and I´m surprised. In spite of I didn´t understand all content, I got all answers right except for one.
    See you tomorrow.

  8. Raúl

    Hi everybody!

    I’ve found quite enjoyable this Golden Girls’ episode but it’s difficult to follow because sometimes they speak so fast. Thanks to the video I got to understand more information but even then I got all the situations. In any case, this kind of exercise helps me to improve my listening skills.

    See you tomorrow!

  9. Núria R.

    Hi Anna!

    I’ve seen the first video and it’s very funny! But I’ve found very difficult to understand Blanche dialogue…! I think she speaks too fast.
    I realized that I’ve to improve a lot my listening!

    Thanks for this kind of amusing exercices!

    See you in few hours!

  10. Verena

    This video is amusing! hahahha

    It’s a great idea posting videos as useful listenings…

    Tomorrow the listening =S


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