4 thoughts on “Gerund or Infinitive

  1. Montse

    Hi everybody,

    Thank you again, Anna, for this new web to help us to improve our language, as always it will be very useful but in this case learning the different lists of verbs by memory is also important.

    See you later,


  2. Maria T.

    Hi Anna, hi everybody!

    Thank you for this new way of learning English! I think that these presentations are really interesting, and more if you have a specific question, because the information is very visual.

    Even so, in the case of the lists of different verbs, there is no other choice: we have to study and see lots of examples! Maybe, it is more useful an example than these endless lists…

    See you on Friday!

    Maria T.

  3. Elisabet F.

    Hi Anna, and everybody!!

    I’m looking the post about passive and gerunds and infinitives and I have the feeling that the post about passive is more interactive and the other is something to memorize but both are good posts to practice, of course.

  4. Núria J


    I think it’s difficult to memorize all the verbs in those lists but your way of teaching, with different kink of methodology it’s useful for us.

    There are some verbs that I’m sure everybody remember weather they are followed by gerund or infinitive form.

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