English Mania

Hello everybody,

I hope you all had a wonderful summer and are coming back with renewed energy for the new academic year.

I will periodically post items of interest and new activities to help you  improve your language skills, so whatever your  level of English, I encourage you to keep working and visiting the blog.

More and more people are studying English every year. Is it a virus? Is it  a mania?  Why do Chinese people study English?

Watch the video and choose the correct answer.

9 thoughts on “English Mania

  1. Maria

    Hi Anna! I have done this listening and I think that it’s easy to understand. A good way to start this course!
    If I want to send you my results, what do I have to write in Teacher Code and Class ID gaps?

    Thank you. See you soon.

  2. amorales Post author

    Hi Maria! Well done and thank u for your feedback. I’ll try to answer your questions on Monday. Have a nice weekend!.CU

  3. Núria


    When I’ve finished the listening I’ve immediatelly thought: Chinese students have luck to be able to study English because they start learning this language sice they are very young.

    I think we have a bad Education system here in Spain about how to learn good English. In my opinion, this is one of the reasons why we are trying to learn more 🙂

    See you tomorrow!

  4. Joan

    Well, I think that education in english is much better today. Kids are learning songs in english in public school, i’ve heard. May be in some private education they’re learning chinese in third grade of EGB.

    The listening was easy, I’ve got the same perception.
    See you in class in 1 hour.

    hahaha <— the same in catalan, not in spanish (jajaja)

  5. amorales Post author

    You’re right Joan. I think it has improved. There are more and more young people with a good command of English. Glad to know that you didn’t have any problems with the listening. CU in the classroom.

  6. paco

    Interesting and I think that if I’m an English-maniac ??!!

    There are my results

    You scored 8 out of 8

    100% :: Excellent! You got every question right!

  7. amorales Post author

    Excellent Paco!! Well done!! This quiz was easy as pie for most of you. I’ll try to find a more challenging listening. Cheers!

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