4 thoughts on “Question Tags

  1. Maria

    Hi Anna

    I saw the video and I found very interesting and easy, didn’t it? I hope that the real exam video will be the same as this.
    I think question tags is a easy lesson, well, I think so.

    See you this afternoon,
    Kind regards

  2. Mariona

    I hope the listening exam will be as clear as this man is…
    See you later Anna!

  3. Montse

    Hi Anna,

    I agree with Maria, questions tags are easy.
    But I’ve found this side (englisch-hilfen) very interesting and useful for me, because I need grammar explanations about all the grammar that you’ve done in class, so thank you to post this web.

    See you in the exam,

  4. amorales Post author

    I am glad that you find it useful. I’ll see you either on Monday or in the oral exam. Cheers!

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