3 thoughts on “Linking words

  1. Montse

    Hi Anna!

    Thank you for this web, it is very useful as usual.

    See you later.


  2. Adela

    Hi Anna!

    Can you tell me the difference between: at the beginning and in the beginning?
    I think the exercise is useful, but if you are wrong in the answers, where can you find a explanation?

  3. amorales Post author

    Montse, thank you for your kind comments. It’s nice to have some feedback.

    Adela : In the beginning usually means initially. In the end usually means finally. At the beginning and at the end are usually followed by an expression of time or space. So we have at the end of the street/the day at the beginning of the month/the motorway.

    If you need more explanations, please, let me know.

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