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  1. Mª Carme

    Hi Anna!!
    I’m sorry!!!
    I don’t remember where I have to send the article.
    Please, Can you put it in your place?

    The article is:

    The 10 best films of 2007
    Do you agree with my selection? What have I missed? What were your favourites last year?
    The 10 best films of 2007 for my are:

    The good shepherd
    Michael Clayton
    Eastern promises
    El orfanato
    4 Months, 3 Weeks & 2 Days
    Lions for lambs
    The Bourne ultimatum
    The pursuit of happyness
    The Prestige

    The list of 2008 Oscar nominees are very diferent!
    Only the film “Michael Clayton” is nominee.
    Do you think that the bests films are the nominees or only sometimes?
    Please, write your opinion!

    Mª Carmen Peña
    3rd. EOI Terrassa

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