School Pupils and Mobile Phones

From BBC Wales

Watch the video here.


Before watching

  1. How can mobiles cause problems in schools? Can they be useful?
  2. Should mobiles be allowed in schools? Or should they be banned?
  3. What rules should schools have for electronic gadgets?

 While watching

  1. Why shouldn’t (or should) pupils have mobiles in primary school?
  2. When is Leanne going to give her daughter a mobile, and why?
  3. How can pupils use their mobiles for schoolwork at the comprehensive?

 After watching

  1. Do you think it isn’t safe for children to have them?
  2. At what age are children old enough to have their first one?
  3. Can they be very useful for schoolwork?
  4. Do children have to have one just because all the other kids have got one?