A Foreigner in New York

New York presentation

big appleLISTEN ABOUT NYC: Here’s a description of somebody’s holiday in The Big Apple! Click on the image to listen to this description. (You can also listen to it again and read the tapescript in the same link )

audio link image

big appleWould you like to learn more about “the city that never sleeps”? Click on the image of New York’s skyline to take a webquest at this fabulous city.

ny skyline

big appleTASK: Now that you’ve got a general idea about this wonderful city and have read the book, this is what you’re asked to do:


1.Choose one of the places the main character visits

2. Take notes of what you read in the book about that place:

3. When does he go?, who does he go with?, does he like the place? Why or why not?

4. Was this place in the webquest? Surf the net for some more information about the place you’ve chosen.

5. Write a text in which you describe the place. Follow the structure given in class.big apple


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