Excursió a La Mata !

Els nens i nenes de 3r i 4t hem anat d’ excursió a La Mata.
Hem dinat prop de la casa de la Coma d’ en Vila i després ens hem arribat fins a l’ alzina del Salari.
Ens ho hem passat d’ allò més bé !

Aquí teniu les fotografies de l’ excursió :


This is a cat. Her name’s Charini. She’s got blue eyes , and she’s brown.
She eats cat’s food. She’s got seven lifes.



1. How many lifes has Charini got?

2. What colour are her eyes?


They are pigs.Their names are Espot and Pink.
They ´ve got little eyes and pink noses. They´ve
got black spots. They live in the garden.

Laura Molina 4th.A
1. What are their names?
2. Where do they live?


This is a cat. His name’s Supercat. He ís black .
He likes birds. He’got black eyes.
He’s got two ears, one nose, and one mouth.

Ricardo Salvador 4th.B 2012-13


1. Does Supercat like birds?

2. Has he got three noses?

Trophy discus

This is Trophy Discus. His name‘s Leo. He‘s got brown and red spots. He can swim fast. He‘s little and very thin, he‘s very calm. He‘s like a C.D. He ‘s got red and little eyes. He eats fish food. He lives in the aquarium . I REALLY LIKE IT!!!!

Natalia Torres


1. Is it a fish or a cat?

2. Can he run?









This is an Eagle . His name´s Thor. He´s very big and strong.
He´s got little eyes and a yellow peak. He’s white and brown.
He can fly very high .
Reda Benzain 4th . B


1. What colour is his peak?

2.Can he fly very high?

A Husky

This is a Husky. His name is Trueno. He’s black and white he’s got blue and little eyes and a little mouth .He likes meat and dog’s food . I love it because it’s my favorite animal.

Naiara Serena 4th.A


1.Has he got a big mouth?

2.Does he like meat?