ELT Publishers … an online help.

Most of the ELT Publishers offer helpful materials online to complement our classes. Let’s take a look at them.

oup.gif Oxford University Press ELT has a resourceful site with lots of activities useful to those who use their textbooks. There’s a Teacher’s Club where you can become a member and have access to a variety of Lesson plans, games, activities etc.

mcmillan.gif Heinemann-MacMillan ELT is also aware of the present needs of the English teachers and give us a series of materials for those who become members of the site.

cambridge.gif ELT Cambridge Here you will find resources grouped according to their subject area. There are links to resource sites, as well as material of more general interest. Access to some resources is restricted to teachers of English who have to register first.

logo_richmond.gif Richmond Publishing Resources Here you’ll find a compilation of online resources organised by level, cycle and category. Most of the materials are links to other sites… nontheless, it’s a good help for us.

p_longmanlogo.jpg Again Pearson Longman ELT: on this website, there are lots of ideas and free resources for learners and teachers of English language. Try fun online activities, download free support materials and get helpful tips on learning and teaching. English.


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