Time… for a tale.

storyplacehouse.gif  Story Place where you can find stories and tales in flash for preschool and primary  pupils.


Mighty Books is a place full of stories. It’s a paying site with some free examples.


LearnEnglishKids from the British Council offers a variety of stories in flash: Short Stories, Longer Stories, Little kids and Fairy Tales.


Reading Planet a site with lots of activities related to reading and books and where you can find a StoryMaker.

magic-keys.gif MAGIC KEYS illustrated children’s  stories for kid of all ages… and lots of books.

imagen2.gif  An online streaming video featuring actors reading kids’ books


Listening Comprehension sites

elllo.gif Ello. Find a great variety of listening games for beginners.

learnenglish-kids-logo-top-bar.jpg Some easy listenings for kids.

adelesbanner.gif Adele’s Corner Easy online listening activities with blank filling exercises.


English listening skills learning for beginners includes English listening comprehension exercises for basic listening skills such as the alphabet, numbers and simple dialogues.

esl_logo.gif In ESLPod you’ll find lots of listenings some of them useful for primary students

.english-online-on.gif English on line is a resource site for French students of English with some easy dictations.

dictationsonline.gif dictationsonline.com taped dictations to improve your listening skils. A graded choice.

listen-to-english.jpg A blog full of podcasts for people learning english. Some of them can be used in primary classes.


An interesting site with oral ‘postcards’ from different English speaking communities.


General listening quizzes with levels of difficulty.

La Mansion del Ingles listening resources divided up in three levels of difficulty.bigben_small.GIF

real-english.gif This is a paying site with some  sample listenings if you subscribe for free.

BBC site with a huge archive of videos provided by ordinary people talking about different topicsvideo-nation.gif .

ausienetwork.gif englishbites.gif English bites is another video archive plenty of clips featuring daily life stories with a written script to follow the oral discourse.

englishlingq_steve.jpg Blog with a variety of graded podcasts.

Short stories and radio programmes, perhaps too difficult for primary students…. shortstory.jpg

worldlogo.gif Listen to simple dialogues in English for non native speaking children in Hello-World.

From Queensland Australia a long list of easy stories to listen  readon1.gif

jeslcommunity_120×40.jpg Some listening podcasts with listen-and-do activities in John’s ESL community

ELT Publishers … an online help.

Most of the ELT Publishers offer helpful materials online to complement our classes. Let’s take a look at them.

oup.gif Oxford University Press ELT has a resourceful site with lots of activities useful to those who use their textbooks. There’s a Teacher’s Club where you can become a member and have access to a variety of Lesson plans, games, activities etc.

mcmillan.gif Heinemann-MacMillan ELT is also aware of the present needs of the English teachers and give us a series of materials for those who become members of the site.

cambridge.gif ELT Cambridge Here you will find resources grouped according to their subject area. There are links to resource sites, as well as material of more general interest. Access to some resources is restricted to teachers of English who have to register first.

logo_richmond.gif Richmond Publishing Resources Here you’ll find a compilation of online resources organised by level, cycle and category. Most of the materials are links to other sites… nontheless, it’s a good help for us.

p_longmanlogo.jpg Again Pearson Longman ELT: on this website, there are lots of ideas and free resources for learners and teachers of English language. Try fun online activities, download free support materials and get helpful tips on learning and teaching. English.


Scholastic ELT brings the most trusted name in learning to English language students around the world.

Games, games, games…with Flash

Here we have some new websites where you can find educational games useful for children learning English.

cbc.gif Kid’s CBC  offers us some intersting games.


Funbrain is an educational portal full of activities to learn and play through online games and readings.

funschool.jpg Funschool is a portal sponsored by Kaboose with a great variety of Games that range from preschool to grade six. With quizzes, trivias, maths, science.

englishclub.jpg English Club.com where you can have fun and improve your English at the same time: Hangman, Crosswords, Jumblewords, Matching Games, fun stuff. A bit old fashioned but positive to learn easy English.

scholastic.jpg The Magic Schoolbus is the kids division of this British publisher offers simple game to revise science concepts. Play! , Captain Underpants, Goosebumps, Keys to the Kingdom, I Spy are different portals of Scholastic where games for children can be found.

kids-games.jpg Game Goo for very young learners.

bigfish.jpg Big Fish Games is a selection of cool games that contains kid-friendly content (though not intended for elt and some you have to purchase them.)

purtrains3a.gif School Express gathers an important amount of activities and resources for the primary student with a monthly collection of games.

logo042.gif The BBC Schools portal contains a selected choice of games for primary and secondary.

learnemg.gif …games with follow-up activities and worksheets.

primarygames.gif Kids’ Games for Language, Maths, Science, Social Studies and more…