In this page you’ll find the most comprehensive bibliography ever written about TEFL and young learners.

Photocopiable and Printable Books for Primary English.

Reference Books related to Young Learners

General Handbooks

Very Young Learners


  • Ellis/ Brewster: The Storytelling Handbook for Primary Teachers. Penguin.
  • Wright, A: Storytelling with Children. Oxford University Press.
  • Morgan/Rinvolucri: Once Upon a Time. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Mildford, A: New Bright Ideas: 10-Minute Games. Scholastic.
  • Wright/ Betteridge/Buckby: Games for Language Learning. Cambridge University Press.
  • Martin, M: Young Pathfinder 2: Games & Fun Activities. CILT.
  • Retter/ Valls: Bonanza: 77 English Language Games for Young Learners. Longman.
  • Kaye, P: Games for Learning. Noonday.
  • Howard-Williams, D: Word Games with English. Heinemann.
  • McKay/ Guse: Five-Minute Activities for Young Learners. Cambridge Handbooks for language teachers.CUP
Drama and Role Plays
Classroom English
Tools and teaching techniques or methods.
  • Gerngross & Puchta: Pictures in Action. Prentice Hall.
  • Wright, A: Pictures for Language Learning. Cambridge University Press.
  • Wright /Haleem: Visuals for the Language Classroom. Longman.
  • Dobbs, J: Using the Board in the Language Classroom. Cambridge University Press.
  • Davis & Rinvolucri: Dictation. Cambridge Universtiy Press.
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  • Cambell, C /Kryszewska, H: Learner-Based Teaching. Oxford University Press.
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  • Willis/Paterson: English Through Music. Oxford Basics for Children. OUP
  • Moir, N.: Starting and Ending Lessons. Oxford basics for children. OUP
Grammar and vocabulary.

English, Primay Education & Technology

  • Bennet, R: Using ICT in Primary English Teaching. Learning Matters.
  • Bennet, R: Learning ICT with English. David Fulton Publishers.
  • Dudeney & Hockly: How to Teach English with Technology. Pearson Longman.
  • Dudeney, G: The Internet and the Language Classroom. Cambridge University Press.
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  • Lewis, GThe Internet and Young Learners. Oxford University Press.
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  • Loveless & Dore (Ed.): ITC in the Primary School. Open University Press.
  • Trythall, A: The Little Book of ICT. Featherstone Education.
  • Sharp J et alia: Primary ICT: Knowledge, Understanding and Practice. Learning Matters.
  • Sharma & Barrett: Blended Learning. Using Tech in and beyong the language classroom. Macmillan.
  • Leask / Meadows: Teaching and Learning with ICT in the Primary School. Routledge Falmer.

Mixed Ability and Diversity

Language & Psychology

  • Donaldson M: Children’s Minds. Fontana Press.
  • Ellis/ Sinclair: Learning to Learn English. Cambridge University Press.
  • Fisher, R: Teaching Children to Think. Nelson Thornes.
  • Fisher, R: Teaching Children to Learn. Nelson Thornes.
  • Lightbown/ Spada: How Languages are Learned. Oxford University Press.
  • Vygotsky, L.S: Mind in Society. Harvard University Press.
  • Williams/ Burden: Psychology for Language Teachers. Cambridge University Press.
  • Wood, D: How Children Think and Learn. Blackwell.

Language  Learning Skills.

Classroom Management & General Primary Teaching Skills.

  • Byrne, D: Techniques for Classroom Interaction. Longman.
  • Underwood, M: Effective Class Management. Longman.
  • Croll / Hastings (ED.) : Effective Primary Teaching. David Fulton Publishers.
  • Wragg, E.C: Primary Teaching Skills. Routledge Falmer.
  • Kyriacou, C: Essential Teaching Skills. Nelson Thornes.
  • Proctor, A et Al.: Learning to Teach in the Primary Classroom. Routledge Falmer.
  • Pollard/ Tann: Reflective Teaching in the Primary School. Cassell Education.
  • Cullingford, C (Ed.) : The Primary Teacher. Cassell Education.
  • Cullingford, C (Ed.) : The Inner World of the School. Cassell
  • Nitsche, P.: Talk less. Teach more! Pearls of Learning Press.

General Linguistics Bibliography

Second Language Acquisition


Grammar & Vocabulary

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