On the 23rd of April we celebrate Saint George day in Catalonia. It is also celebrated in England.              

  • Do you know why?
  • Can you find some events in Devon for Saint George day?



Newton Abbot is near Darmoor National Park. We are going to visit it and walk a bit around the park. It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes and trainers when visiting the park.

You can search the web and find some images from this special landscape. Can you answer the following questions?

  • What is a Tor ?
  • Which famous novel is set in Dartmoor?
  • What is this National Park named after?
  • In Widecombe you can find ‘the cathedral of the moors’ What is its official name?



Despr’es de creuar Franca per sobre els nuvols, hem aterrat a les 4.30 h a Bristol amb un sol esplendid.

Amb autocar des de Bristol a Newton Abbot hem disfrutat del mes tipic ‘English countryside’ : prats, vaques, cavalls, ovelles, tot ens ha semblat diferent del bergueda.

Hem arribat a Newton Abbot i les families ens han recollit. Dema ens tornarem a trobar tots despres d’haver disfrutat d’un magnific sopar angles.

( Escriure amb un teclat sense accents es molt angoixant!)


Our competition score is the following :

 Dreams  24 p
 Pujals  15 p
 Paku  4p
 Judit M  1p
 Ariadna C  1 p
 Maria S  1p
 Guillem V  1p
 Alba M  1p

Thanks to all for participating, it's been an encouraging experience for me and I hope you have also enjoyed it and learnt some English. The following song to you all !