Our competition score is the following :

 Dreams  24 p
 Pujals  15 p
 Paku  4p
 Judit M  1p
 Ariadna C  1 p
 Maria S  1p
 Guillem V  1p
 Alba M  1p

Thanks to all for participating, it's been an encouraging experience for me and I hope you have also enjoyed it and learnt some English. The following song to you all !

7 thoughts on “THE WINNER IS ….

  1. pujals


    POsat la mà al pit Julia i canta la canxoo! XD FELIXITATS!

    com a nbon company i rival et felisituoooo ! Ja em dunaras una xuxe ok? XD

    Dimecres Devon!!! gueeeee!


  2. dreams

    hellow everybodyy!!
    i’m really happy for winn!!!
    thank’s anna for prepared everything. all that you are making it’s fantastik!!!

    devon is near and all the people are preparing the luggage. some girls are worried about her luggage because a lot of things not try to Devon. Others, are encuriosites for her or his failies and the day that we will travel to this country is near and this must the best travel with all everybody.

    I’m very emocionada! jajaa


  3. KGF

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