Newton Abbot is near Darmoor National Park. We are going to visit it and walk a bit around the park. It’s advisable to wear comfortable clothes and trainers when visiting the park.

You can search the web and find some images from this special landscape. Can you answer the following questions?

  • What is a Tor ?
  • Which famous novel is set in Dartmoor?
  • What is this National Park named after?
  • In Widecombe you can find ‘the cathedral of the moors’ What is its official name?



  1. Eloi

    – A tor is a hilltop of explosed granite

    – The famous novel is The Hound of the Baskervilles (sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

    -Sorry but I haven’t found this question

    -The official name is The church of St Pancras

  2. adachs3 Post author

    Hi Eloi !
    I think you deserve the first point because you found three of the answers. The Dartmoor National Park is named after the river Dart. Good job!

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