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And we finish our Comenius trips in Cracow, Poland

The last trip for l’Arjau teachers participating in the Comenius project was done on the 11th to 15th of May to Cracow. We spent a very busy days there,  preparing the last part of the project that ends the next June.

Apart from working, we visited Cracow, we learnt  many things about the Polish educathional system we tried the great Polish food and above all we share a wonderful days with our partners in the project.


Comenius teachers comes to Vilanova

Welcome to Vilanova!

Finally Comenius teachers arrived in Vilanova on the 23rd to the 27th of March. They cme one year later,. . . they were 24 people from Denmark, Poland and Norway. We worked together in the Comenius project, We visited Vilanova and The Hall Town, we had delicious dinners in differents restaurants of the city, etc.

On Saturday 15th, we visited Barcelona and ” La Sagrada Familia, Las Ramblas and La catedral and the Roman and Medieval city.

the weather was quite good so people from the noth of Europe enjoyed specially the sun and the nice temperatures.


Dear families and students,

Hope you have a well deserved wonderful summer holiday. We have great ideas to improve  your English level for next school year.  Your English teachers would like to suggest that you follow the recommendations so you don’t lose all your hard work this year from English class.

We’ll see you all on the 7th of September.

Cristina, Angels, Monica

Estimades famílies i alumnes,

Esperem que tingueu unes bones vacances d’estiu. Tenim grans idees per millorar el vostre nivell d’anglès per al proper curs. Els vostres mestres d’ anglès voldriem recomanar-vos que fessiu les feines d’estiu que us adjuntem amb els butlletins de final de curs, perquè no oblideu l’anglès que heun aprés al llarg del curs.

Ens retrobem el 7 de setembre.

Alex, Cristina, Àngels, Mònica


Hello Everyone!

Today, we officially begin our English blog and we already have a lot to share with you!

– This week our 6th level students are going to participate in an English Scavenger Hunt. Last month, the 5th level students had their own and enjoyed it very much! Here we will post some photos. This will be our last English Class activity to celebrate the Easter holiday.

– Next month, April 21st to the 25th, the Comenius team will come to visit us here in Vilanova! Our group consists of schools in Denmark, Norway, and Poland. We’ll have about 25 guests at L’Arjau! All of the visitors are looking forward to their visit in both in Vilanova and L’Arjau. We have a lot of work ahead of us in regards to our Comenius project, but we’ll also be sure to enjoy the beach (especially if the weather improves) and eat paella!

Avui comencem de manera oficial el nostre blog d’anglès i tenim moltes coses per compartir amb vosaltres!

– Aquesta setmana els alumnes de sisè participaran en una gimkhana en anglès. El més passat ja van fer aquesta activitat els alumnes de cinquè i s’ho van passar d’allò més bé! Properament penjarem algunes fotos perquè veieu com ha anat. Aquesta serà la darrera activitat d’anglès  a cicle superior abans de començar les vacances de Setmana Santa.

-El proper mes, del 21 al 25 d’abril, l’equip del projecte Comenius vindrà a visitar-nos aquí a Vilanova! El grup està format per escoles de Dinamarca, Noruega i Polònia. Ens arriben uns 25 convidats a l’Arjau! tots ells estan esperant la visita amb candeletes amb ganes de conèixer la nostra escola i Vilanova. Ens espera molta feina en relació al Projecte Comenius però també estem segurs que hi haurà temps per disfrutar de la platja ( sobretot si el temps millora) i menjar una paella.