THE ELEPHANT MAN: reality or fiction?

Search this website and find the answers to the questions. Click on the different links to find all the answers. You don’t need to understand all the words.
When the class finishes, hand in the asnwers to your teacher. 😳


  1. What is “The Elephant Man”,  a book or a film?
  2. Who wrote the book?
  3. Who drected the most famous film?
  4. When was the film produced?
  5. When was Joseph Carey Merrick born?
  6. Where was Merrick born?
  7. How was he called? Why?
  8. What does elephantiasis mean in Spanish?
  9. What causes this illness?
  10. Why is elephantiasis associated to The Elephant Man?
  11. Is it now believed that Merrick’s deformity was caused by this illness?
  12. What is a Proteus syndrome?

Now, let’s search information about the author, click on Tim Vicary’s official website and answer these questions

  1. What kind of books does he write?
  2. Who are the books specially written for?
  3. Name two thrillers.
  4. Name two true stories.
  5. Write a summary  of The Elephant Man. You can use this translator to help you understand it.

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