Our new language assistant: Tenneil Dittmer

My name is Tenneil and I am an English Language Assistant for the Spanish Ministry of Education, Culture and Sport at IES Sant Quirze. I am a native English speaker from the United States and I assist teachers and students inside the classroom with English speaking and listening activities, as well as give them insight into American culture. I am from the small town of Hannibal, in the centrally-located state of Missouri. Hannibal sits along the Mississippi River and is most widely known as the hometown of one of America´s great authors, Mark Twain. In fact, The Adventures of Tom Sawyer was set in Hannibal and many of the sites described in the book can be visited today.

Prior to arriving in Spain and beginning work with the ministry, I was a certified Special Education Teacher and taught at the public middle school in Hannibal. I received my degree in Special Education from the University of Missouri in 2015. I hope that my knowledge and teaching experience is beneficial in advancing the English language skills of the students at IES.

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