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Something Stupid

A new song, this time it’s mine!! First recorded in 1966 by  Parks and his wife Gail Foote, it was later covered by Frank Sinatra and his daughter. In 2001 Robbie Williams and Nicole Kidman had a  great success with this song:  “Somethin’Stupid”

Click on the image and start with some phrasal verbs! Answer with the punctuation, please!


Let’s revise important words to talk about family. Apart from father, sister, grandmother, brother… there are many more words we need to know! So try with the exercises below.

Click on each image for different activities.

Pretty Woman

Here there’s one of my favourite films. Julia Robert is an excellent actress and Richard Gere…what can I say…he’s so attractive! The song is really catchy and not difficult. So, try to get a 10!!

Good luck and enjoy the song!