Here you’ll find some sites that I think can be useful in order to improve your English. There are many more, the net is full of information, but this may make you things easy. I hope you use them and work hard!


Website from Universidad Autónoma de México.

Exercises per levels from New English File book.

Choose your level and one topic.

Choose your level and do the exercises!


Explanations and exercises.

A teacher’s webpage. Grammar exercises.

A German page. Grammar exercises.

Explanations and exercises.

Explanation and exercises.


Listenings and nice exercises.

Videos, listenings, games…You can read all transcripts. Read the interesting tips about how to do each activity.

Podcasts for learners. Conversations per levels. Different speeds.

Listenings about current news. Online quizzes and printable activities.

BBC Radio London. Click on “listen live” and enjoy what’s on air now.

Watch the video and read the transcript. Pay attention to pronunciation!


Readings and quizzes.

Choose the kind of story you prefer and answer the quiz.

Choose your level, click on reading and start!

Interactive written comprehension activities.

Reading and writing exercises. A teacher’s webpage.


Exercises created by teachers, all levels, all topics!

Games: hangman, word searches, crosswords…

Very visual, you can listen to the pronunciation of words.

Lists of basic vocabulary translated to Spanish.

Multiple choice, fill the gaps, crossword exercises. Levels.

Vocabulary exercises and games.

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  1. Jessica

    Hello there, just wandered by. I have a site. Can’t believe the amount of information out there. Looking for something else, but interesting page. Cya later.

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