My way

Have a look at these two videos of the song “My way”.  Did you know this song ? Who are singers? Which one was sung first? Try to compare them and give your opinion.

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I wish you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!

Have a look at this video. Who is the singer? What is he singing? Explain us how do you celebrate Christmas!

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If you want to sing this song or any other, just click on the image below



happy thanksgiving

The fourth Thursday of November, people in the United States celebrate Thanksgiving day.

But… where does this tradition come from?  Click on the link below and discover it!!

 Story of Thanksgiving. Then write general ideas. What have you understood? Why is it celebrated??

Just to have some fun! Have a look at this video! Then tell us if you have liked it or if you have understood it, and add any comments you would like to make.

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Happy Halloween!!!!!

PUMPKIN          It’s Halloween time!!

Click on the pumpkin if you want to have fun and learn English!!

Make your comments. What do you know of Halloween? Do you like it? What do you prefer to celebrate “Castanyada” or “Halloween”? Why?

What’s your zodiac?


Studying Zodiac signs and the personality traits that are associated with these signs is a great way to quickly improve your vocabulary related to personality. Click on the image below and then on your Zodiac sign.  

Do you agree with the description?

Tell us about you and your personality!!! Fer l'ullet

Why do we learn English?

Have a look at this video. Why do we need to learn English? Give your opinions.

When do you think you learn better? By watching films in English, by playing computer games or maybe by listening to English songs. What about learning new grammar rules or vocabulary lists?

Welcome to this blog!

This is a blog created for my 3rd of ESO students from IES de Tremp.

IES de Tremp

I hope you like the idea of using this blog as a complement to our English lessons. Feel free to add any comments you want to any of the articles published.