My way

Have a look at these two videos of the song “My way”.  Did you know this song ? Who are singers? Which one was sung first? Try to compare them and give your opinion.

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6 thoughts on “My way

  1. Aina

    I Think the singer is sex pistol?
    It’s a beautiful song, I like this.
    Frank sinatra is a great singer.

  2. Nadiya

    I didn’t know this song. But I think the first one who was sung this song is a Frank Sinatra. =))

  3. marc capdevila

    I don’t know but I know the Frank sinatra and I know the My way.
    The frist song is the Frank sinatra.
    the first song is very slown an the other is very rock.

    bye bye:)


    I didn’t know this song. The first singer is Frank Sinatra and the second are the grup “Sexpistols”.
    The fanniest is the second one but the original is the first one.

  5. Sonia Roset

    I didn’t know the song.
    The first is the original and the second is a “sexpistols”.
    The sexpistols is funnier than the Frank Sinatra.

    BYE !

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