Why do we learn English?

Have a look at this video. Why do we need to learn English? Give your opinions.

When do you think you learn better? By watching films in English, by playing computer games or maybe by listening to English songs. What about learning new grammar rules or vocabulary lists?

10 thoughts on “Why do we learn English?

  1. ariana cuadrado

    It’s the first time that I writting in this bloc and I nervious :S
    I’m loking the video but I don’t understand very good,because to speak with a broad english accent.
    I fodder that the english it’s internacional language,because arround the world speaking english,no?
    That’s all,thank you, and see you later!
    Good week-end!

  2. Miquel Herrera

    Well,I think that the best way to learn English, when you have a good base,
    is to use English, by playing computer games,watching films or listening music, or go to an English country to integrate in the English world.
    Another good way to learn it is by having a friend (or better a girlfriend or boyfriend) who speaks in english.

  3. dani rius

    There are very people in the wordl,and a lot of this peolpe don’t learn english.
    I learn english in internet,in school and talking with a english people.
    English is very important if we go to another country.

  4. maria bergua

    Hello!!! This is my first coment in this blog.
    In the video I see a lot of people around the world speaking english.
    And it’s important to learn and speak because is the most important language of the world.

    And I learn english watching TV and listening music.



  5. anna ayats

    I think is important speak english because every people of the world speak it.
    I speak english every day.
    See you later!



  6. sonia roset

    I see the video and I understand a bit .
    I think is very important english for the future.
    I study and practicise english every day.
    See you tomorrow !!

    bye !!!


  7. Amanda Esteve

    Hello, good evening!

    I think that is important to learn English because it is a language spoken in many parts of world and thanks to it can comunicarte with many people from other countries, make friends, traveling … etc

    There are certainly good month fines and things that are important to learn English but these are some of the core.

    I hope you’ve had a good weekend
    we are tomorrow.


  8. Núria Gracia

    I like this video, because it says that english is very important in the world. I think that english is very useful in our life: for travel, for communicate with foreing people, for understand a lot of songs…
    My best form to learn english is listening english songs. After listen the song, I read the lyrics and I try to translate them. It’s very fun and I really like it!
    Well, I haven’t got any more for write.


  9. Marc

    Hi !

    I think that speak english is very important because is a language of the future.
    Many grups of the music and computer games it’s wich english.

    Good bye,


  10. Àlex


    I like this video,but my first language is Spanish. But my first language foreig is English!!!


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