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A different Sant Jordi’s Day

Durant aquests dies de confinament, l’alumnat de Primària ha estat convidat a compartir els seus pensaments i sentiments

eTwinning, Our wonderful ABC, Polyglot T-shirts

ENGLISH TASKS: 1st & 2nd

Hello everyone! Here we are going to post instructions to complete English tasks week by week. Remember to check Seesaw and the English resources blog  O’lucky school from time to…

1st grade, 2nd grade, Home learning, Primary

English at home (I)

Hello everyone!   Hola a tothom! Esperem que us trobeu bé! Avui us volem proposar uns reptes per ajudar-vos a practicar anglès i a fomentar la vostra imaginació!

1st grade, 2nd grade, 3rd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, 6th grade, Home learning, Primary

Our T-shirts designs

El nostre alumnat ha treballat en grup per dissenyar samarretes bilingües, en anglès i la llengua pròpia, com estan fent totes les escoles associades al projecte. A la…

eTwinning, Polyglot T-shirts

Our wonderful logo

This is the fantastic logo to represent the project Our wonderful ABC. The pupils from every partner school are appearing in one of the letters. Can you see it?…

English is FUNtastic, eTwinning, Our wonderful ABC

Our polyglot logo

This is the great logo to represent the project Polyglot Tshirts. Congratulations to its designer!

eTwinning, Polyglot T-shirts

eTwinning: Our wonderful ABC

This project is an invitation to a cultural journey in Europe through the alphabet.

eTwinning, Our wonderful ABC

eTwinning: Polyglot T-shirts

The adventures begin! In this project, we want to use the messages displayed on T-shirts for students to learn English and discover other languages in Europe.

eTwinning, Polyglot T-shirts

Let’s celebrate Languages!

This school year, 4th, 5th and 6th graders participate in the Etwinning project Polyglot T-shirts, collaborating with students from five other countries. Along this week, they are invited to introduce themselves…

Polyglot T-shirts

T.O.W.N. (season 2)

During the ending school year, 4th-grade students had been participating in an  eTwinning project:

T.O.W.N. 18-19