Christmas Songs

CURS 2019-20

P5A i 5èA:  Ring the bells

P5B i 5èB: I’m a little star

1rA i 6èA : Santa Claus is coming to town


1rB i 6è B: Little snowflake

CURS 2018-19

Your English teachers wish you Happy Christmas Holidays!

See you next year  😀

6è + 1r   –> Little snowflake

5è A + P5 A –> I’m a little star

5è B + P5 B  –> We wish you a Merry Christmas


CURS 2017-18

6th A, 6th B (blue group) and 1st B….this is your carol.

6th C, 6th B (yellow group) and 1st A….this is your carol.

5th B (blue group) and 5thA with P5B…..this is your carol

5thB (yellow group) and 5thC with P5A….this is your carol

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