Prueba de sonifics

No funciona sonifics y da la explicación de por qué wordpress arruina los códigos y convierte en imposible una herramienta tan sencilla de usar en blogger.
En fin.
How to use your SongSpot™ at WordPress:
Our widgets works great with WordPress but the procedure is a bit different depending on your version and potential restrictions put in place by service providers.
In older versions, you can simply paste the code into any page or blog post.
In WordPress 2.0, the rich text editor tends to destroy embeds. Go to the Users page, then on the Your Profile tab scroll down until you see Personal Options, and uncheck ‘Use the visual rich editor when writing’. Then start a new post or edit an existing one and you’ll see the old editor. Paste your code and it should work. If you want to use the rich text editor again, you can change the setting back. Keep in mind that if you edit the post with the widget in with the rich text editor, it will ruin the code. There are also downloadable plug-ins that allow you to select the text editor per post.
If you run your blog at a service provider they might filter out more or less of the HTML so using a plain link (Use Target web site: Other (Link) ) might be necessary. This is currently the case for
For a detailed step-by-step guide take a look at the WordPress Guide

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