Well, well, a nice day for all the Barcelona supporters. What about you, teacher, you’ve won the ‘4rt ESO PORRA’, haven’t you? Eh, julio?

Yes, that was a nice day for all of us. Out of the blue, they applauded us, really spectacular. Nothing else to say, nothing else to see.

I hope we’re so lucky in the second leg (‘partit de tornada’). Bye, best wishes to everyboy!!

This was luisillo. Now it’s me, Constanteacher. I have no words, only thank you very much for letting me win the ‘porra’ for the second consecutive time. I’m a richer man now.

I don’t agree with luisillo in one aspect: we won’t be lucky again, we will be better again!

Just in case you’re curious: a good translation for ‘bany’ or ‘repàs’ could be ‘a clean sweep’.

This time I’m very glad to show everybody the front pages of our best friends. 😉

4 thoughts on “BARCELONA VS ¿MADRID?

  1. lluisillo

    This comment belongs to Julio Prados:

    People, I know win, and I know lose… Today we have lost.

    Yes teacher, you won our PORRA! Anyway it was deserved.

    I only want to say, that IES Constantí people, don’t to annoy to much… the minimum…

    One merengue, with affection, I applaud you.

    Goodbye personages!

  2. Taril

    Madrid 0- 3 Barça
    I think that this the beast F.C.Barcelona of the history!or not? jejeje
    The goal of Ronaldinho is incredible!!!This year we will win the league and the champions!! jejeje.
    Congratulations Angel because you won the Porra…jejeje!!!

  3. sTeR_cat

    Hi people!

    I see the derbi Barcelona-Madrid and I can say that we are the best at the moment. There are days that a team wins, anothers that loses..but the most important is that the fans support always their teams. However, we’ve win the match and I think that we will win the league.


  4. LVmBaR

    Hello teacher,
    I’m won the “porra” of 4th ESO. jajaja. Força Barça!!!
    This year, madrid, don’t won anyone! jaja.
    Good bye!

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