Autora: MªIsabel Nadal Romero

Illustrator: MªIsabel Nadal Romero

Once upon a time  there was a very poor miller that he appeared before the king and he said that his daughter had the ability to spin straw and turn it into gold.                             The king led the girl to a room, and he locked the door. The king said that if tomorrow at dawn the girl hat not turned all the straw into gold, she would die.                                     And the girl burst into tears.                                                                                               Suddenly, a estrange little man appeared and he said to the girl that he spin it far her if she gave him something and she gave him her necklace.  The same event was repeated three times. And the last time, the girl promised him that she would give him her son. And some years after, the girl had a baby and Rumpelstinkin went to look for him.

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