Hello class!                                            

Your assignment for Christmas Holidays is:

1. Choose and read a short story.

2. Write a book report on it. You have all the steps and instructions in this document .

3. Deadline:  January 10th, 2011.


10 thoughts on “READING A SHORT STORY

  1. Sijie Guo

    Happy new year, Francesca! I had read short story the Snow. This is the story of Vanessa and Robert had been on holiday. The story had began from New Year’s Eve and to the end of New Year’s Day.Because of the snow covered road, they couldn’t driver the car forward and they could only walk forward, they had begun they’s journy of New Year’s Day . And they had lost too. Then an old woman of the power station had given they foods. After that, they had met Lawrence’s father, and they had stayed in his house. Finally,they had spent the New Year in the Lawrence’s father’s house.

  2. DaltonAngelia22

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