This is a blog created for 2nd batxillerat at IES Llobregat.

Students will be able to be as much creative as possible!

They will be able to practice English through the use of the new technologies.

4 thoughts on “ABOUT THE BLOG

  1. Raquel

    Very wrong teacher! xD You haven’t shared the explaination about the reported speech :'(

  2. sebastian

    eyy tacher what’s up. Look i’m the second to write you a comment …ajaj you’re welcome ehh ¬¬ well , i’m out sorry for not coming to class i swear that was just
    ok see ya tcher gbye

  3. fceres Post author

    I’m glad you have a look at the blog. You’d better come to class every day if you want to pass 2n batxillerat!!!
    By the way, try to write better your comments because I will check your grammar next time!
    Do the activities, ok??

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