“Around the world in eighty minutes” theatre

The students from 5th grade have been preparing a theatre play during the last term. They have done it in groups using the cooperative learning methodology.

We hope you enjoy the shows!!













Malala´s project 5th graders

The students from 5th grade have been working on a very interesting project about Malala.  They have learned a lot from her story. They have prepared P.P.P, comics and also a play. We hope you like them….



4th graders in Malala´s project

Boys and the girls from 4th grade have been working on the Malala´s project. They have descovered Malala, a very young activits that fights for the right of the girls around the world.

The students have became also activist and they have prepared some speaches celebrating also the International Girls day.

Enjoy the videos!!




The 6th graders of the school have been preparing their favourite recipies…We hope you enjoy the videos and the food…