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Just smile !

foto de jak6 en 10/05/08

A friend of mine brought a powerful motorbike, and invited me to make a trip with him.I didn’t like it because I was afraid, but he insisted, and at last we decided to go for a short trip.I was protected with Ray-Ban sunglasses and an old helmet tied up with a belt under my jaws.When he started running, he was so fast than my sunglasses flew away.Also my helmet went off my head with the belt pressing my neck.

My friend said, “Are you enjoying it ? “I answered, “Aggggffffmmmmhhhh “The belt round my neck prevented me from speaking. My friend said again, “If you like I can still run faster”I tried to speak but… , “ Naogggggfffffmmmmhhh!

When my friend, stopped the motorbike, I thanked him very much for the trip, and I told him that as the day was very nice, I would prefer to go back home walking.

Hello Anna ,hello mates !

foto de jak6 en 18/10/07

Dear mates,

I have received your photo and your best wishes for me.

It is wonderful ! .I am so happy that words can’t explain .

I am feeling as an African child with a new white shirt of silk.

I have news to tell you. Some are good news and others aren’t.

I don’t wish to tell you the bad ones because you know the story of the messenger .

If the messenger brings bad news the solution is to kill him. I don’t like you have to cut my head off. So I’ll tell you only nice stories and if I haven’t I make up some for you.

For instance…

In this moment I ‘m sunbathing on the white sand of a Caribbean
Island. The water is clear and I can see through hundreds of coloured fishes. The high palms behind me are quiet and the weather is warm. Two native naked girls are winding me with the leaves of a palm…but I prefer not to tell anything more. Some of you are under twenty.

Kind and best regards

I´ll see you soon

foto de jak6 en 16/02/08

Hi mates !

Lately, I couldn’t attend English classes, so I’m probably getting a pumpkin in the final exams.

As I don’t like to disturb and follow the rule “do it easy” I have grown up this beautiful pumpkin in my own garden  to spare Anna the trouble of looking for one.

If I am lucky and pass over the final exam, I promise you to make  a cake with it for everyone.

I’ll see you soon.