Activities for students (activitats pels alumnes)


Animals song

Bananas in pyjamas (song and lyrics)

The body (Head, shoulders, knees and toes)


Clap your hands (music video)

Sesame Street: Cookie Monster Sings C is for Cookie (per aprendre la C, cançó)

Colours song (karaoke) (red,yellow ,blue and green)

Colours song (Eggy’s)

Earth day (papers, cans, plastic)

Eggy’s rhyming stories (animals and situations)

Five little monkeys (song)

Funny farm (five) 1 to 5

Hickory, Dickory, clock song

Hello! (teaching tips) video

How are you today?

One big pinguin

One, two, buckle my shoe song

Rain, rain, go away song

Ring -A- Ring – A – Roses song

Teddy bear, teddy bear song

Ten in the bed (with 6), video

The goodbye song

Toucan two (video)

Up & down

Wow wow Wubbzy. Be happy! (song)


GENERAL: Sharing for learning (from 1st to 6th)



Animals. The bear went over the mountain song

Are you sleeping? song Primer i segon

Classroom objects (video song) Primer i segon

Classroom objects (video 1) Segon i tercer

Classroom objects (video 2) Segon i tercer

Classroom objects vocabulary Primer i segon

Colours Primer i Segon

Colours 2 Primer i segon

Colours 3 Primer i segon

Colour song Primer i segon

Family (video) Primer

Find out 1 interactive Primer

Food (vocabulary)Primer, Segon i Tercer

Food interactive Primer i segon

Numbers Primer

Numbers game (Joc) Primer

Numbers video Primer

Numbers 1-10 song Primer

Numbers, Bubble gum math 1 to 11 Primer

Numbers. Higgly ball Primer

Numbers 1-12 Primer

Numbers, countdown Primer

Pets 3 Primer

Put on your… Primer

School objects Primer

Take off your… Primer

The house Primer i segon

The house 2 Primer i segon

The leaves on the tree (cançó) Infantil i Primer

Toys Primer


1st & 2nd Activities Primer i segon

1st and 2nd activities cnice Primer i segon

Animals Segon

Animals 2 Segon

Animals 3, teletubbies games Segon

Animals (farm animals) Segon

Body Segon

Body song

Body (label) Segon

Body cartoon Segon

Clothes (dress the children)

Objects in my classroom Segon

Colours Segon

Find out 2

Food Segon

House Segon

In the Classroom Segon

Itsy, Bitsy spider song Segon

Dress the teddybear Segon

Greetings and goodbyes Segon

Face Segon

Face 2 Segon

Family 1 Segon

Farm animals Segon

Food (healthy, unhealthy) Segon

Old Mcdonald has a farm (video song) Segon

Parrot tricks (orders) (good for Simon says) Primer i segon

Numbers 11-20 Segon

Numbers 10-20 labeling Segon

Numbers 1-20 (video) Segon

Numbers elimination 1-20 Segon

Numbers raga 1-20 Segon

Numbers. Count the chickens Primer i segon

The Pinocchio song (teaching tips) Segon

Toys and materials Segon

Transports Segon

Transports 2 Segon

Winnie the witch video. Segon


Alphabet Tercer

Alphabet song Tercer

Alphabet match up Tercer

Alphabet song 2 Tercer

Alphabet song 3 Tercer

Alphabet street Tercer

Animals, find the drawing (wild and not wild animals)

The ABC game Tercer

Bingo dog’s song (spelling) bingo Tercer

A Birthday party Tercer

Body: head, shoulders, etc Tercer

Clothes Tercer

Clothes 2 Tercer

Clothes 3 Tercer

Clothes 4 Tercer

Clothes and weather Tercer

Clothes. Dress me up. Tercer

Clothes for winter Tercer

Days of the week Tercer

Days of the week 2 tercer

Days of the week song Tercer

Days of the week (clap the hands)

Days of the week rap Tercer

Find out 3

Food 1 Tercer

Food 2 Tercer

Food 3 (What’s for breakfast?)

Food and drink Tercer

Fruit & vegetables Tercer

I’ve got a robot song Tercer

Match the kit (What  is She/He wearing? Tercer i quart

Musical instruments Tercer i quart

My birthday party

Months Tercer

Days and months song (karaoke) Tercer i quart

Describing people (power point)

Musical instrumentsTercer i Quart

Nut hunt (game) Tercer

Safe street Tercer

School objects. Where is it? Tercer

Sports maze. Tercer

Sports. What do you need for playing? (pairs) Tercer

Summer holidays Tercer

The body (power p.) Tercer

The leaves on the tree song Tercer

The numbers from 1 to 100 (song)

The time (flower time) Tercer

The time (Hip hop around the clock) Tercer

The time Tercer

The time 2 Tercer

Transports Tercer

What time is it? Tercer

Where is it? (prepositions) Tercer

Welcome to Smiling Town Tercer

Zoo animals

Zoo animals 2


Actions verbs Quart

Actions, find the drawing Quart

Actions (Qizlet) quart

Adventure camp Quart

Animal Band quizQuart i Cinquè

At the camp Quart

At the fancy dress party (wearing) Tercer i quart

Bobo, the baby elphant grows up (listen, read and see story) Quart

Camping things Quart

Corduroy (reading book) Quart

Currency of UK (money maze)

Daily routines Quart

Daily routines game Quart

Daily routines (interactive) Quart

Daily routines Quart

Days and months Quart

Describing people (power p.) Quart

Describing people. Who am I? Quart

Face match (describing people) Quart

Find out 4

Find the adjective Quart

Games and seasons Quart

Halloween Tercer i Quart

Haunted house (game) Quart

How much is it? Quart

Identipet (Identify pets) Quart

Julia and the big wave (story with sound, text and images) Quart

Keep the park clean, please! Quart

Let’s make a comic! Quart

Money (sums) Quart

Months of the year quart

Months of the year song Quart

Musical instruments Quart

Musical instruments and feelings Quart

My dad (reading & listening story) Quart

Numbers 1-100 Quart

Numbers 1-100 (2)

Planet Earth (reading and listening cartoon) Quart

Sea life Quart

School subjects Quart

School subjects 2 Quart

Human skeleton (label). Quart

Shops Quart

Shops and directions

Spin and spell game Quart

Supermarket trolley game Quart

The circus (power p.)

The classroom Quart

The clever rabbit (6 m. video) Quart i Cinquè

THE CURE. Friday I’m in love ( video song ) Quart i cinquè

THE CURE. Friday I’m in love lyrics (lletra) Quart i cinquè

The first quest Quart

The lazy bear (story about seasons) Quart

The second quest Quart

The starry night. VINCENT VAN GOGH Tallers de 4t i 3r

The time  Quart i cinquè

The time. Stop the clock Quart

What TIME is it? Quart

Three little pig story

We’re going on a bear hunt (video story) Quart

Who am I? Quart

The time (explanation) Quart

The time. Stop the clock 2 Quart

The wolf and the seven kids (8.44 Quart

The water cycle (easy) Quart

The water cycle (difficult) Quart

Water cycle Quart

What is there in the park? Quart

What would you say? Quart

What’s the weather like? Quart

When do we use…? Quart


ABC Zoo (animals in a zoo, listening and reading cartoon) Cinquè

Adventure sports game

Actions and abilities Cinquè i sisè

Adjectives cinquè i sisè

Adjectives and opposites Cinquè

Adjectives and opposites 2

Ali and the magic carpet (reading cartoon story) Cinquè

Animal kingdom Cinquè

Animal kingdom. Present simple

Animals (big and wild) Cinquè

Being different is O.K. (writing) Cinquè

Comparative Cinquè

Comparative exercise cinquè

Comparative video lesson Cinquè

Comparative, A sightseeing tour (story)Cinquè

Continents Cinquè

A world of countries (labeling countries) Cinquè

Countries and nationalities cinquè

Countries and nationalities (questions and answers 1)

Countries and nationalities (questions and answers 2)

Countries and nationalities (questions and answers 3)

Countries of Europe Cinquè

Describing people Cinquè


Exercise is good for you. Cinquè

Family cinquè

Family relationships cinquè

Find out 5 cinquè

Food chains cinquè

Fruit and vegetables Cinquè

Insect world cinquè

Jobs 1 Cinquè

Jobs 2 Cinquè

Jobs, sports, health

Languages and countries Cinquè

Means of Communication Cinquè

My classroom Cinquè

My favourite day – Diwali story Cinquè i Sisè

Ocean animals information Cinquè

Ocean animals video Cinquè

Opposites adjectives Cinquè

Our town Cinquè

Plants. The life cycling of flowering plants. cinquè

Plants grow well cinquè

The lucky seed (story) cinquè

Present continuous Cinquè

Present continuous. Choose the correct answer. Cinquè

Present continuous grammar exercises. Cinquè

Present continuous grammar exercises (fill the gap). Cinquè

Present continuous grammar exe. (fill the gap) 2. Cinquè

Present continuous grammar exercises (fill the gap) 3 Cinquè

Present continuous grammar exercises (fill the gap) 4. cinquè

Physical or non physical activities Cinquè

Places in the town Cinquè

Present simple (writing) Cinquè

Present simple, 3rd person Cinquè

Present simple quiz Cinquè

Present simple. One small world song Cinquè

School Subjects Cinquè

Seasons and months Quart i cinquè

Smiling Studios Cinquè

Solar system Cinquè

Sports. Active life Cinquè

Sports, physical and not physical activities Cinquè

At the supermarket


The animal shelter story Cinquè

The bedroom Cinquè

The city Cinquè

The city. Places in town Cinquè

The city, choose destination Cinquè

The giving tree (book reading) Cinquè

The house and its objects Cinquè

The human body is amazing Cinquè

The donkey want to sing (5.51 m. video)

Ther is/There are exercise Cinquè

There is/There are exercise 2 cinquè

There is/There are 3

Verb to be (am, are, is) grammar

Vocabulary (learn and game) cinquè

Weather Cinquè

What are you doing? Cinquè


Adverbs of frequency hangman Sisè

At the library (game)

My breakfast Sisè

English breakfast Sisè

Cross-cultural enquiry Spain-Ireland (reading). Sisè

Class Rules and Market Day: THE GAME Sisè

COLDPLAY. Viva la vida (song and lyrics) Sisè i cinquè

COLDPLAY. Viva la vida, lyrics Sisè i cinquè

Comparing Sisè

Comparative and superlative forms 1 Sisè

Comparative and superlative forms Sisè

Comparative and superlative sentences Sisè

Dangerous animals Sisè

Electronic devices (read and learn) Sisè

Electronic devices (write) Sisè

Electronic devices (write 2) I.T. vocabulary

English speaking countries Sisè

European union countries Sisè

Explorer adventure (a quiz) Sisè

Films sisè

Films 2 Sisè

Films exercises Sisè

Find out 6

Food sisè

Food: What’s for breakfast? sisè

Food: International food Sisè

Friends (unit 6) sisè

Fruits sisè

Furniture (baloon burst) cinquè i sisè

Furnitures (Haunted house) Cinquè i sisè

Friends (What’s your friend like?) Sisè

Gida Shali’s story about sea and peace (video)

Going to (order the sentences) Sisè

Going to. Camel safari (story)

Grammar games Sisè

Grammatical aspects Cinquè i sisè

GREECE Oficial website. Sisè

Hobbies. What do you like? Sisè

How many or how much? Sisè

In the morning Sisè

Jobs (people work song) Sisè

Job hunting Sisè

Jobs game Sisè

MICHAEL JACKSON. Bad (song and lyrics) sisè i cinquè

MICHAEL JACKSON, bad lyrics Sisè i cinquè

Let’s send an e-mail Sisè

Mavi Fare, the mouse in the Mosque (story for reading)

Past simple pronuntiation Sisè

Past simple exercise Sisè

Past simple, game, the frog sisè

Past simple game (irregular)sisè

Past simple exercise 2 sisè

Past simple, answer questions Sisè

Past simple, negative sentence Sisè

Past tense of iregular verbs (match).Sisè

Iregular verbs (speling) Sisè

The planets(interactive game)  Sisè

The planets (video 2’21 m.) Sisè

Planets by size Sisè. Only for teacher

Planet pursuit (about planets and game) Sisè

Planets (a quiz) Sisè

Planets (identify) Only for teacher

The sun and the planets sisè

Present continuous (writing) Sisè

Professions sisè

Pushing the glacier (story for reading) Sisè

Rocktalker (reading)

Simple past (positive sentences) Sisè

Simple past (answer the questions) Sisè

Simple past (negative sentences) Sisè

Simple past (write the sentences) Sisè

Smiling studios Sisè

Save the kingdom (nouns, adjectives, verbs, etc) game Sisè

Some & any (grammar) sisè

Some or any, there is, there are (fill the gap) Sisè

Superlatives (writing) Sisè

Superlatives 2 (writing) Sisè

Showing Abilities Sisè

Snowplots in the wilde (reading) Sisè

The blue jackal story, cartoons Sisè

The fox and the crane story (3:11 min. video) Sisè

The legend of Lord Shiva (Hindu culture and religion. 9:33 min. video) Sisè

The story of Shiva (text) Sisè

The monkey and the crocodile story (4:36 min. video) sisè

The rainbow snake story ( past simple) Sisè

The cold planet (reading cartoon story) Sisè

The lazy bear story Sisè

The mice and the elephants (video)

The time: The race against time Sisè

There is/There are Sisè

There is/There are 2

There is/There are 3

TV programmes Sisè

Tiki treasure (just a game) Sisè

Trolley dashSisè

USA FOR AFRICA. We are the world (song and lyrics) Cinquè i sisè

Video quiz game Cinquè i sisè

Vegetables sisè

Verbs, find the drawing sisè

Wonders of the world sisè


Colours (karaoke) red, yellow. blue and green

We wish you a Merry Christmas (karaoke)

Old McDonald had a farm (karaoke)


Wonders of the world

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