Where can you get _____ food where you live?

  1. good Catalan
  2. luxury
  3. good value
  4. fast
  5. junk
  6. Japanese
  7. vegetarian
  8. healthy
  9. takeaway
  10. home-made
  11. fair-trade
  12. self-service

Which is the best, the cheapest, the most expensive, etc.?


You can get vegetarian food in PARADIS near the university. It isn’t very expensive.
× I get the takeaway food. Is delicious! I like very much the pizzas.
I get takeaway food. It’s delicious! I like pizzas a lot.
+ I just adore junk food. I know it isn’t healthy, but I’m loving it!
I just adore junk food. I know it isn’t healthy, but I love it!

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  1. happy farmers

    You can eat japanese food in NOU MÓN restaurant, in the 11 de Setembre street. IT’S A VERY GOOD PLACE!!!! You can eat sushi, fish raviolis …..

  2. blue telephone

    You can get luxury food in CARBALLEIRA, between Lleida and Alcarràs. It’s a fantastic restaurant but is very expensive too.

  3. a red telephone

    I don’t like the fast food. I like the good catalan food and made-home food.
    You can get fast food in McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Burger King…
    And you can get made-home food in Carrefour.
    you also can get catalan food in many restaurants next to the river Segre.

  4. pink elephant

    If you want to find a good catalan food, you can go to “L’esmolet”. This restaurant is in Ricard Vinyes Square and you can pass a good moment in a tipycal place. Bon profit!

  5. a red notebook

    If you want Japanese food you can go near the EOI school to a self-service restaurant. I don’t remember the name but is very close from here at the corner and you can see a big yellow sign.

  6. a red living room

    I like very much the snails. Do you know the place on the price is 5 euros in Lleida? Because the “crisis” is very important for me.

  7. a generous farmer

    I know two vegetarian restaurants in Lleida. One of these is near the old University building (Rectorat) and the other is in Cappont neighbourgh in the other side of Segre river near the new University campus bridge. I recommend you the first one.

  8. a green flower

    If you want to eat a big hamburguer, or a big sandwitch you must to go a Parrots’ bar, this food isn’t very healthy but the size is surprising. This bar is in front of Magisteri’s Parking.

  9. A Yellow Car

    Hi to all;
    I think that there aren’t enought fast-food restaurants with good price. So, alway we must pay a lot of money for one menu. Maybe, you can find a lot of good restaurant near the university, but my favorite place is “La Sibil·la”. It’s in La Seu Vella and the price is good. Try it!

  10. purpleflower

    I stay living in Lleida since next year and I only eat in two restaurants, one of them is The Esmolet(in this only can eat some bread with jam and other pig meat), the other one is Cañas y Tapas, I like very much this place because is a good value.

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