Nobody does it better –

Makes me feel [1]___ for the rest.

Nobody does it half as good as you:

Baby, you’re the [2]___.

I wasn’t looking,

But somehow you [3]___ me.

I tried to hide from your love light,

But like heaven above me,

The spy who [4]___ me

Is keeping all my [5]___ safe tonight.

And nobody does it better,

Though [6]___ I wish someone could.

Nobody does it quite the way you do.

Why do you have to [7]___ so good?

The way that you hold me,

Whenever you hold me,

There’s some kind of [8]___ inside you

That keeps me from [9]___,

But just keep it coming.

How did you learn to do the [10]___ you do?

INSERT:- be; best; found; loved; magic; running; sad; secrets; sometimes; things.

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