Etwinning videoconference

The 29th May, in 5th grade, we had a videoconference with some Etwinning partners: Finland and Greece. We talked a little bit, we played together an online game and we even did a talent show!

Do you want to see the talent shows?




If you want to see some pictures of that day, click here:

Life in the UK

Last week, Maite, Anna’s mum, came to visit us. She explained lots of things about their experience as a family in Leicester, UK. She also told us about her jobs there, and we saw how different schools are! We enjoyed getting to know more about this country!

Thank you Maite, we hope to see you soon!!!

A day full of surprises!

In grade 5 we had a day full of surprises. First of all, we had an unexpected online meeting with our finnish pen pals. We introduced ourselves in front of the camera and afterwards we played a Kahoot game all together with questions about Christmas in Finland and Catalonia or Spain. Also, we received their letters by snail mail and we had time to read them. Many things happened in just one day!

Halloween craft

Halloween was originated and celebrated in Celtic countries like Ireland and UK. Immigrants took many Halloween traditions to north America (United States and Canada). Now, it’s very popular and it is celebrated in many countries.

In Art class we have made scary spiders, bats and pumpkins!