Day 2

Nestor Arrabal & Oriol Lopez


On Monday 14th, we met in the Arnos Grove tube station at 7:15. We met that soon because we had to learn the way to go to our school, although it turned to be quite easy. We took the tube and stopped at Russel Square, where we found the British Museum and after that, we easily found Bloomsbury Street and Language in London school. We all had a talk with the school’s director and were split into different groups, and we had the first class. As we were split into groups, Nestor’s group had free time in the morning and Oriol’s group had free time in the afternoon. We ate our awesome tasty pack lunch together and split again. Although in different hours, we visited Covent Garden and Oxford Street, and we found a curious street where there only were music shops. After all this fun, we met at 5:30 in the British Museum and came back to Arnos Grove. We all had a talk about how the day went and we were given our tube tickets for the next day. We walked back home and ate our dinner while having a nice time with the family. After that, most of people watched the World’s Cup match on BBC and we went to sleep quite early compared to what we are used to.


Another extra long day… First day at LANGUAGE IN LONDON! It’s a great school although some of us thought it was going to be a huge campus like in the movies… WE ARE NEXT TO THE BRITISH MUSEUM, this is the heart of London.

Language in London
Welcome to Language in london!

What group am I in?

Giving and getting instructions

Native teachers







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