THEATRE IN ENGLISH: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

On 11th December, all pupils from 3rd to 6th levels of Segimon Comas School and the ZER Els Castells have seen this theatre play at El Centre in Sant Quirze de Besora.

We enjoyed the play and here we have some pictures of it:

Here you can see different pictures and comments from 3rd and 4th level pupils:

21 thoughts on “THEATRE IN ENGLISH: Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde

  1. Èlia

    El divendres passat varem anar a teatre, jo m’ agradat al teatre perquè es molt divertit. Hi havia un doctor era bo però va veure un líquid i va convertir en dolent.

  2. Ferran Méndez Barceló

    I like this theatre play, especially this piece when a man (Dr Jekyll) transforms in the bad man (Mr Hyde).
    My favourite character is MR Hyde and Dr Jekyll, the main characters.
    My favourite song is Hyde’s song.
    My mark is Good!

  3. carla hoyos

    I like the play because it is a mistery. My favourite character is Kate because she is funny. My favourite part the play is when Dr. Jekyll transforms. The play is very funny.

  4. Nicolau Olea

    “Dr Jekill and Mr Hyde”
    The theatre is very boring.the part I’m very happy was when he Kills the people.
    My fovurite character is the policewoman.
    The part is very veryboring is when the policewoman is in the theatre

  5. Salma el Messaoudi

    I like the theatre because it is very misterious. I like the part when the policewoman goes to Dr. Jekyll’s house, and discovers the crimes in London. I like very much the character of Anthony the servant. I also like the part the policewoman discovers Mr. Hyde is killing the girls.

  6. Sergi Cubí

    My favourite character is Kate the girlfriend of Dr. Jekyll because she is an actressand crative. My favourite song is tea time because it is very funny. And my favourite scene is in the laboratory.

  7. Mar Córdoba Matías

    This theatre play is funny because it talks about a good scientist that invents a potion that splits a person in two personalities. One is good, in this case Dr. Jekyll, and one is bad and criminal (Mr. Hyde). Mr. Hyde is a murderer and kills people in London streets. But Mark, a lawyer, friend of Jekyll and Claire, a brave policewoman, is investigating this strange case. Katie (Dr. Jekyll’s girlfriend) and Anthony, his servant, notice a strange behaviour in Jekyll and they are very worried. Finally Mr. Hyde takes the control of Jekyll and he dies to kill Mr. Hyde too.
    There are 7 characters: Anthony a servant, Katie an actress girlfriend of Jekyll, Mark a lawyer, Dr. Jekyll a good scientist, Mr. Hyde a murderer, Claire a policewoman and a funny granny that it holds knickers in a line.
    My favourite character is Katie because she speaks with a special form. This theatre play was good!

  8. Berta Camprubí

    This play is good, but sometimes I don’t lie the play because the carácter sometimes is wrong ans I don’t like the set. My favourite carácter is Dr.Jekyll because he is very fun. I like the songs.
    My favourite part of the play is when Doctor Jekyll drinks the potion and becomes Doctor Hyde.

  9. Sara Subirana

    The theatre I liked, but at times was a bit boring.
    Dr. Jekyll was a scientist in the world who wanted to cure diseases, but when he takes the potion turns in to Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde murders two 18 years girls. Dr. Jekyll had a girlfriend named Claire.
    The actress Claire liked and had the tea at five o’clock.
    Kate was the policewoman who investigated te murders.

    Sara Subirana

  10. Joana

    I like the characters Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hyde.
    L’obra de teatre m’ha agradat molt, era molt divertida.
    La part que més m’ha agradat és quan el Dr. Jekyll es converteix en un monstre.

  11. Miquel Puig Autet


    It’s an interesting theater play because there is a murder with two parts, the good and the evil part. The evil part is Mr.Hyde and the good part is Dr.Jekyll. The evil personality takes the control of Dr.Jekyll with a potion. Mr.Hyde ( the evil personality ) kills people. To “kill” the evil part has to drink the potion again. But the evil personality tames the controm some times ( when he is Dr.Jekyll ) and it drinks the potion. When he is Mr.Hyde kylls people and the policewoman investigated the crimes and when she knows who is the murder she goes to Mr.Hyde’s house and Dr.Jekyll takes a paper and it writes: I kill myself because the evil personality is taking the control of Dr.Jekyll and it kills people. And when the policewoman enters in the lab of Dr.Jekyll… Dr.Jekyll dies in the lab!

    Miquel Puig

  12. Arnau Valero Muñoz

    The theatre play I don’t like, it’s boring. My favurite character is Dr. Jekyll and the murderer is a person and does experiments.

  13. Aina Vilardell

    I quite like this play because all the time, it has the same set, but I like the songs

    My favourite characters are Doctor Jekill and Mr. Hyde, because I like the theatre they did. And when he becomes doctor Hyde. But I don’t like Kate because she is boring and also her chothes.

    This is my summary Dr Jekill is a good scientist and invents a potion. Dr Jekill tries the potion and becomes in a bad criminal called Mr Hyde. Mr Hyde kills people in London. Claire (the policewomen) is investigating the case, . Finally Mr. Hyde takes the control of Jekyll and before he dies writes a letter, in that letter put all the truth, Dr Jekill drank all the potion and destroy all the papers, and dies.

  14. Laia Bragulat


    When Mr. Hyde kills a girl, the scene is very sicky. My favourite song is ” Jekylls song”. My favourite character is Claire, the policewoman because she asked questions to the audience. I don’t like Dr. Jekyll when transforms to Dr. Hyde also is very sicky.

  15. Abril Morata

    The play’s good, because the characters do it laught,
    But my favourite character ‘s grandmother in the story,because when there is a crime, grandmother hangs knikers on a line. And the character who is vain and I like less is Kate because she singing bad.

    Abril Morata Rovira
    fins demà!!

  16. Aldrick Bautista Esteban

    A mi el teatre em va semblar divertit quan el Doctor Jekyll es beu la poció i es transforma en monstre.
    I quan la senyora penja les calces al penjador.
    I el que no em va agradar gaire va ser quan sortia la policia perquè prenien el té.
    I també em va agradar molt la part que està al laboratori fent pocions.

  17. Dani 5è


    The theater play of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, I like very much the play because I like the experiments and the chemical. My favourite character is Mr Hyde because he likes to kill.


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