TEA TIME! (6th level)

First the 6th level pupils performed a short play about tea time and later, to say THANK YOU and SEE YOU SOON to IMRAN, we had A REAL TEA TIME, with some tea and carrot cake, in the English classroom.
You can see the pictures below:

At the end, IMRAN said some words to all of us in Catalan! Listen to him!

2 thoughts on “TEA TIME! (6th level)

  1. Èlia Pérez

    Oooooh Imran the better time of tea !!!!!!
    Thanks for this year so nice with you, we never forgest that English came to school.
    You are a great example of struggle and resistance to what you want. We have swhon things can be achieved, but with much effort.
    I MISS YOU !!!

  2. Carlota Provins

    Imran hello how are you? Hi I’m fine that is running the school and next week we can fit end oh year funny!! I hope you go well holidays and I hope that fits in we turn to drink and not to forget our school goodbye


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