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Food for the imagination and viceversa

Class 5. Activity: Writing a menu.

Some of the cooks have prepared imaginative combinations and dishes.

Here are some of them. Yummy or not yummy?

Meatballs and rice with lemon sauce.

Spaghetti and grapes sauce.

Onion ice cream.

Apple ice cream.

Chocolate and banana ice cream.

Melon and mango cake.

Five cheese stuffed onions.

Strawberry soup.

Pop corn with cheese.

Rice pizza.

Chicken wine.



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On June 14, a hot but cloudy day, 39 brave students from classes 5 and 6 at Escola Sagarra walked the streets to Park Güell. Their mission: to practise their English with interviews they have prepared in class.

All of the students have their active part in the mission. All have achieved great results. All of them were proud and excited at the end of the mission. Impossible? Impossible is nothing.



His name is Severino Aliredo. He likes foods of BCN, he is from in Italy. He didn’t  go to the Barceloneta beach, he likes the city. His favorite film is I.T. He likes horror films, his favorite place is Sagrada Familia. He likes shopping centres. He practices sport. His favorite sport is football. When he was a child, his favourite subject was history. His favourite fruit is watermelon. He likes Park Güell. (ÀLEX)

Julio is from Italy. He lives in BCN.

He speaks 3 languages they are: English, Spanish and Italian.

He likes best in BCN is Sants, where he lives.

He travels by plane.

He’s visited the beach.

He likes the food BCN.

He likes pop music.

Hiss favourite subject at the school was philosophy.

His favourite football team is Odinese.

He’s got not animal in house.

He has a family in BCN. (Alison and Dayana)


She’s Sangmi Hwnag. She doesn´t have and animal at home. She likes the city and the museums, she likes music and sports. Her favourite music is pop. She likes the Park Güell. She arrived to Barcelona by plane. (Jordi)



She is Eliza. She’s from France. She likes BCN and the park Guell and she has visited Sagrada Familia, went go shopping centers. She practices sport. She has visited restaurants in BCN and she likes paella. She likes music especially pop. She reads book and she like horror books.  (Luz)

Her name is Cecilia, she is from Australia, she is staying in a bridge. She has visited Sagrada Familia and Montjuïc. She  doesn´t speak Spanish. She likes the  city, she doesn’t play an instrument. She doesn’t like horror films. Her favorite color is green. She likes F.C.B. but she doesn’t practice  sports. She traveled to BCN by plane, she speaks English, she doesn’t watch tv programes, and she doesn’t read books. (Melanie)

Erie is from in Belgium. He travelled by plane to Barcelona. He likes the city and he’s staying in a hotel. He likes the park Güell.

He’s 45 years old. His favorite restaurant is Chinese.

He likes disco and hisfavorite color is green.

He likes Spanish films. (Mario & Mohammad)



He is Firman. He’s from Indonesia and he lives in Jakarta. He’s staying in a Hotel in Plaça Catalunya. His favorite animal is fish. He likes music and plays the guitar. He likes walking in the city and he likes Park Güell. His favorite city is Venecia especially in Carnival time. (Raquel)

Her name is Merlica. She is from England. She likes the city and the park Güell. She has visited the Sagrada Familia. She goes to shoping centers.  She practices sport. She likes football. She goes to restaurants. She doesn’t  like paella.  She likes music, especially pop music. She reads books. She’s not reading books at this moment.  She doesn’t  like horror books but she likes horror films. (Masha)

Olga is from Salou. She is staying in Barcelona for 10 days. She speaks Russian and English. Her favorite animal is lion. She likes music but she doesn’t play instruments.

She likes Barcelona very much.     (Andrea)


Yuor opinions about the activity will be of great interest.

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