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Santiago Ramon y Cajal

Santiago Ramon y Cajal discovered how the neurons work.

He was from Spain.

He was born in Petilla de Aragon (Navarra) on 1st. May 1852

He studied in Zaragoza

He lived in Valencia and in Barcelona.

He was a doctor but he worked as a researcher in different Universities in Spain.

He did important studies and discoveries about the nervous system.

He won a lot of important scientifics prizes.

He won the Nobel Prize of Medecin in 1906

He died on 17th. october 1934.

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Sports journalist

When I was young I wanted to be a sports journalist because I liked football, cycling and handball and I liked very much the Tour of France. In summer I read the sports newspapers every day. I wanted to go to the Tour of France and know my favourites cyclists. I wanted to go to India because I wanted to visit this different country and meet different people. My favourite subjects at school were Maths, History and Philosophy. I liked these subjects because it made me think.

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Kilian Jornet

Kilian Jornet is a sky runner. He’s the best sky runner in the world. He is only 20 years old and he’s the sky running world champion. He’s from Sabadell in Catalonia. In his free time he usually walks in the mountains and does cycling. He likes photography and all the mountain sports. He loves sport and mountains. He also practices sky mountaineering and climbing. He usually wears sport clothes. His favourite food is pizza and pasta.

Last setembre he was the Ultra Trail Mount Blanc winner, one of the most important mountain races: 167 km. in 20 hours 56 minutes. Incredible!!!!

Bugs Project File Unit 2

Remember, Thursday 29th november is the last day to give me your Bugs Project File about the country chosen. Look at the example:


Greece is in the South of Europe. It is a small country. The flag is white and blue. It’s hot and dry in summer and warm in winter. Wheat, olives, tomatoes and grapes are from Greece.

Photo from web de ciències socials i història de l’art 

Bugs Project File Unit 1

Remember, Monday 29th october is the last day to give me your Bugs Project File about your favourite pop star. Look at the example:


The Rolling Stones live in London. Mick Jagger sings and dances brilliantly. Ron Wood and Keith Richards play the guitar very well. Charlie Watts plays drums very well. Charlie Watts likes jazz music. Mick Jagger likes poetry


You can write with your pen and colours. You can write using Word or Powerpoint and printing. You can send me by e-mail.