Language in london

Language in london 

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Grammar: 1 person2 people pronunciation village  /vilig/  eat /i :t/         ate / eit/        eaten   /i :tan/Primeres classes d’angles a l’escola. Answer English.

a e i o u

/ei/ /i/ /ai/ /ou/ /ju:/

r h

/a:/ / eich/

 1.- Pronunciation    

  i:                      I           u               u:         

(Three, meet)        (pig, this)               (could,cook)                      (two, true)  

 e                     a           3:                   o:

(bed     egg )        (better, teacher)    (her, bird, word)       (more, door, or, all)                                a house 

 ae                       ^                a:                  o    cat                               cut                                  art                               ondad                              money                          car                                 offman                             bus                               bar                                hot happy                         monday                                                             dogapple  

 1.- What us you room  in London like?

2.- What is your house in Spain  like?

3.- What is your mother/sister/brother?

4.- What was your last holiday like?

5.- What was your food like last night?

 Grammar: 1 person2 people prononciation village  /vilig/  eat /i :t/         ate / eit/        eaten   /i :tan/   student A   I’m just curious!  example:  What’s your best friend’s name?When did you first meet him/her?What’s he/she like?How often do you see him/her?How old is he/she?What does he /she do?Why do you get on well = have a good relationshipWhere does he/she live?Who does he live with?What do you do together?Has he/she got any children?   

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