BLACK EYED PEAS are back – Meet me half way

Wanna and gonna are frequently used in speech in informal colloquial English, particularly American English, instead of want to and going to. You will also see them used in writing in quotes of direct speech to show the conversational pronunciation of want to and going to.

  • What we gonna do now? (= What are we going to do now?)
  • What you wanna do now? (Instead of: What do you want to do now?)
  • I wanna go home. My mum and dad are waiting for me and they wanna go out.

NOW work out the lyrics of “Meet me Half Way” and make a list of all the short colloquial words you can find,


Sport and free time activities – Keep fit!

We have already heard about the Food Pyramid and how important it is to follow it. It will help us to stay healthy and will provide all the nutrients we need. And together with some exercise it will not let us get overweight.

Nobody says it is an easy task. We can’t control what we eat all day every day . But we can try. And even if it’s not 100% perfect it is better than not trying at all. Writing a food diary is an excellent idea and it may help us to understand how we eat now and what we should change.

The most important is to enjoy the food we eat so do not get too stressed when the Pyramid is not perfect. Just make your best. And run, run, run for health, joy and happiness…..

After reading this text write two lists: The DO’S and DON’Ts to stay fit al healthy:

Use the worksheet the teacher will give you or download it by clicking here:

Food: Slow Food/Junk Food

Play games:     Write  a comment on what you have learned….

You’ll get EXTRA POINTS in this term mark  😀

Do this webquest on HEALTHY FOOD

Complete the answer sheet and the food pyramid. Ask your teacher.

GET EXTRA POINTS :You can even make a POSTER on the topic to hang in class

Yo can find more info on healthy food in :